Monday, 22 July 2013

I love to Pin { terest }

Who else like me loves Pinterest? For those not familiar with it I always describe it to people as an "online pinup board" for collecting and sharing photos of all those things that we love and have an interest in ~ from recipes, food and drink to fashion, travel destinations to art, books, jewellery, colours, houses, home décor, furniture, gardens, architecture, craft, themed parties and seasonal celebrations to favourite products and quotes and the list goes on and is endless!

Once signed up users create boards and pin photos as per the theme of their boards.

You can pin directly from the internet to your chosen boards or you can follow people and their boards ( which is what I prefer to do as it's all there in front of me ) and repin their pins. And in turn people follow you and repin your pins.

For example you can use it as an online recipe book. By pinning all your favourite recipes you can then refer to the pin by clicking on it which will then refer you to it's original source. I have cooked many recipes I have discovered through Pinterest and so far mot have been a success!

I have a board called "Pretties" On here I  pin photos that are just delightful to look at , with no particular theme, whatever they are of. This is one of my favourite boards.

You can lose hours browsing the millions of photos available and searching for a specific topic is very simple.

I have pinned over 6500 photos ( yes a little bit obsessed!! ) to 40 boards. You can find the link to my boards on the side bar of my blog or also  ~ here

I'd love to post some of my favourite photos but it's just too hard to choose! What I really love about Pinterest is that there really are no rules or guidelines to follow, it's just a lovely positive environment of sharing all your favourite things.

Do you use Pinterest for anything specific or just for browsing ( and dreaming!) like me? Please feel free to leave your link below.

Natasha xo


  1. I love Pinterest! I just like to look around and pin wonderful things or funny things or anything I like really. I agree that you can lose hours on there. I recently discovered the 'History' section and that has been my main source of time-wasting/can't-sleep-too-many-amazing-photos late nights!

    1. Oh wow I haven't discovered the history section yet. I'll have to have a look...or maybe not!!